Concealed Weapons 

Completion makes you eligible to apply for Florida’s Concealed Weapons License. We cover:

-        Legality

-        Reciprocity

-        Basic Firearms Safety

Taught by former military and law enforcement officers with real world experience.


Commonly asked questions


How much does the class cost?

$55.00 per person. The State of Florida charges an additional fee when you apply for licensure.


Where is the class held?

2131a State Road 16 (Just East of Subway)


How long is the class?

2-3 hours depending on class size and participation


What can I expect during the class?

You’ll learn about laws that govern Florida’s Concealed Weapons License. Where not to carry, Specific instances where deadly force is acceptable to defend yourself and others, etc. Instructors try to make the class fun, although they aren’t as humorous as they think they are.


Will this class teach me how to shoot?

No. This class only serves as a means to comply with laws for licensure. We cover do’s and don’ts and legality. Florida law requires each student to demonstrate competency with a firearm, not qualify. Don’t worry, you will not be expected to take down a target.  If you’re interested in becoming more comfortable with a firearm, please look into our firearms familiarization class.


I’m a ninja and consider my hands to be weapons. Is the CCW needed if I keep my hands in my pockets?



I think guns are scary. Can you help me overcome this fear?